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June is Pride Month and it is important to support our LGBTQ youth! Lifeworks is a great resource offered by the Los Angeles LGBT Center. It is a mentoring program that provides a safe space, positive role models, workshops, and activities that are fun and educational for LGBTQ youth 24 years or younger. Click on the link below for further information!
Wellness and Mental Health Applications: The following applications will show you how to meditate and learn how to be healthy and happy. If your health provider is Kaiser Permanente, they offer the Calm application for free for a year. 
      Calm App      Headspace App
Padlet Resources
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“Whatever Gets You Talking" | Seize the Awkward | Ad Council

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El Camino College FindYOURAALLY Free Immigration legal services for students attending El Camino College/ Servicios legales de inmigración gratuitos para estudiantes que asisten a El Camino College
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