Expectations » Expectations


Student Learner Outcomes: 

Effective Communicator’s Readers, Writers and Speakers

  • Articulate ideas effectively through reading and writing
  • Collaborate with others coherently
  • Demonstrate knowledge of content standards

Critical Analytical, Collaborative Problem Solvers:

  • Analyze and apply learning to real life situations
  • Interpret, gather, evaluate and analyze information
  •  Define, analyze and resolve problems

Self– Motivated Learners

  • Assume personal responsibility for their own learning
  • Take the initiative to be successful in life

Productive Citizens in a Global and Technological Society

  • Understand and appreciate diversity
  • Work effectively and respectfully with others to establish and accomplish specific goals
  • Incorporate technology as a tool for learning and expression

School Wide Expectations

(What we expect of our students)

  • Come to school prepared and ready to learn.
  • Be respectful to others at all times.
  • Be supportive of other students inside and outside the classroom.
  • Work with your teacher to become productive.
  • Demonstrate good work ethics.
  • Strive for high academic achievement.
  • Set personal short term and long term goals.
  • Develop the mindset:

“I WILL graduate from High School”