Mission & Vision Statement » Mission & Vision Statement

Mission & Vision Statement

Inglewood Community Adult School mission is to foster all of our students into thoughtful, literate adults, possessing the academic, social, and technical skills necessary to think critically, solve problems, and successfully pursue academic and career goals, becoming effective, responsible citizens, and life-long learners.

Vision Statement (What we envision for our school)

The staff, students and parents visualize Inglewood Continuation as a model California continuation school which provides a comprehensive and diverse approach to learning the high school curriculum in a positive, safe and healthy environment with community participation.

Mission Statement (How we plan to reach those goals)

The mission of Inglewood Continuation High School is to empower each student through the implementation of a diverse, rigorous and challenging curriculum, embedded in an environment which is positive, creative, drug and bully free.  Our goal is to promote self-discipline, socially and culturally conscious citizens, who excel to their fullest academic potential.